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 Think outside the box.  Work with our design team to create a timeless heirloom dress for a very special occasion – a dress suitable for your little one’s portrait, a dress you will cherish for years to come, a dress that can be passed down and used for generations.

 Begin with the basic silhouette of our dress and design your own.  Create a neckline, add a collar, a ruffle, or change the sleeve style.  The dress shown here on our model was a custom creation for a client.  We were asked for a classic yet versatile black and white dress for several upcoming recitals. 

Following our client’s nostalgic description of her own old fashioned childhood dresses, we custom designed this adorable dress in white and black duppione, a blouse bodice with a faux button closure, a fun collar with a subtle ruffle, an adorable tie, and several different sashes for the waist.  And of course, a ruffle at the bottom.

 Work with classic colors, luxurious silks and velvets, and gorgeous plaids to create your own timeless dress.

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Johanna Grace

New York