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Many little girls dream of having their own pony or becoming a ballerina when they grow up.  At Johanna Grace we want to help make those dreams of wearing a soft, layered and flowing ballet inspired dress for any special occasion come true.  Inspired by Impressionist painter Edgar Degas, we chose his paintings of dancers as our inspiration for creating these special dresses. 

 Degas was most famous for his paintings of horses and dancers, using vivid colors, bold brushstrokes and natural light.  When we view his dancers in their colorful and crisp tutus with the flowers tumbling down the bodices and the layers of rainbow pastels fused with the light in their skirts, we wanted to create perfect and playful ballerina dresses, contemporary in style, that may be worn for any special occasion. 

View our most popular dresses, Arabesque, in Collection One, Sugar Plum Fairy in Collection Four, and our new dress, Julia, in our new 'Meet Julia' section. 

 Look this fall 2009 for an entire new line of Degas inspired dresses with open necklines, hand rolled roses, bright vibrant sashes with corset details made of luxurious duppione silk and Italian tulle.  Creating these confections takes time, so please be patient.  Or design your own creation and we will bring it to life for you just fax us a sketch.




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