FAQ's and Purchasing Your Garment


Before you place your order please read the following information. 


Garment Construction

All bodices are silk lined and duppione and shantung skirts are unlined to alleviate bulkiness at the waist and to maintain the proper fit and shape of the dress.  Our dresses made with organza skirts are lined in taffeta acetate due to the sheer nature of organza, and some of our tulle dresses are as well.  If you would like your garment lined this can be done at an additional charge, please inquire. 



We recommend using our custom-made tiered soft petticoats underneath our dresses to lift the skirt and give it fullness.  Petticoats are offered in one layer chiffon, two layer chiffon and three layer chiffon with lace trim or chiffon fluff ruffles on the end of the layers. 


When ordering a petticoat these are our suggestions:


For dresses that are tea length or mid calf – one layer light fullness is recommended 

For dresses that are closer to the ankle – two layer medium fullness is recommended 

For the style Saratoga and Jolie Fleurs – three layer very full petticoat is recommended


We offer white, ivory, pink, red and black and numerous special colours may be ordered.  Petticoats need to be ordered when you place your dress order however the dress measurements can follow later.  Our lead time on petticoats is 8 -12 weeks.  These petticoats can be easily adjusted by our seamstresses for the waist and the length when we make your custom dress. 



Although our bodices are lined in silk, it is recommended that a light camisole or undershirt should be worn.


Custom Patterns & Sizes - Little Girls, Bridesmaids and Brides

Our dresses are not made to fit into "standard apparel industry sizes".  They are custom made with custom patterns to fit your their specific measurements.  We offer size 0 up to adult sizes.  Many of our dresses can be altered in the pattern process for adults or you can send us a sketch of a dress you want us to make.   Prices indicated on each collection page are for 0 -12.  Adult sizes require and additional charge due to the more complex fitting muslin and fabric required.  Please inquire.



If your feel your dress needs slight alterations once it arrives we suggest that you use your own tailor due to time constraints and costs due to shipping back and forth.  Our dresses rarely need any alterations.


Fitting Muslins

All of our dresses include a fitting muslin.


Sleeve Styles

Our dresses are available in assorted sleeve styles; sleeveless, short sleeve, flutter sleeve, cap, gathered, ¾ sleeve and long sleeve.  If the dress you view on our website is featured with as sleeve there is no extra cost.  If you require a sleeve change or addition the prices are as follows:


Short , cap, gathered or flutter sleeve - 25.00

Puff sleeve with a hem band - 35.00

3/4 sleeve - 40.00

3/4 Sleeve with cuff - 60.00

Long sleeve - 50.00


Hem Lengths - Duppione, Shantung, Satin, Taffeta, Chiffon & Silk Linen

Skirt lengths can be made any length that you desire..  Lengths that exceed 22 long will require and additional charge of $30.00 due to the additional fabric needed to accommodate longer lengths. 


Hem Lengths - Organza & Italian Tulle Skirts

Skirts for the dresses made with two layers of organza or layers of Italian tulle that are longer than 22" long will require and additional charge due of $30.00 due to the additional fabric needed to accommodate the longer lengths.


Custom Accessories

We offer a complete line of custom made accessories.  Click here on our custom accessories link to view these.  If you require a custom made accessory that is not featured on our list, please inquire or send us a sketch for an quotation.


Custom Designed Dresses

We offer custom designed dresses and accessories.  Please fax us a sketch of your ideas and we will review it with our designers and supply you with a quotation.  Our collections are photographed in children's sizes, but all of our dresses can be made in adult sizes and require pattern changes.


Special Order Fabric

There are many types of fabrics and colours of fabric (not shown in our collection photos) that are available from our textile merchants.  If you are trying to match certain colours or fabrics, we may be able to accommodate your request at an additional charge.  Please inquire and we will discuss your needs and send you swatches.  The price of special order fabric and swatches will be discussed with you prior to ordering.



Our dresses are shown on each spec page in either Duppione or Shantung and prices are given for each dress in that fabric.  If you prefer a specific dress in another fabric not as shown we offer shantung silk, silk faced satin, silk taffeta, silk organza, Italian tulle, silk linen and silk chiffon - for an additional charge.  Some of our dresses can be made in combinations of silk, i.e. a bodice can be made in Duppione silk but ruching on the bodice can be done in silk chiffon.  Please inquire about your fabric needs.


Fabric Characteristics

Duppione, Shantung and Silk Linen are hand woven and hand dyed natural fibers.  These fabrics have slubs and are natural characteristics of these types of fabrics and are not defects.


Colour Swatches - Stock Colours

We offer our stock colours (listed on each individual dress page for each dress) which are included in the price of each dress.  All of the colours depicted on our colour swatch page are direct fabric scans and are accurate for colour, however the actual fabric will appear more saturated and intense in colour.  Small swatches in our line are available for no charge. 


Colour Swatches - Custom Colours

We offer 400 additional custom colours - some of these are shown on our swatch chart.  Custom colours are available at a minimal additional charge as they are custom cut yardage and not stocked fabrics.  All of the colours depicted on our colour swatch page are direct fabric scans and are accurate for colour, however the actual fabric will appear more saturated and intense in colour.  Small custom colour swatches are available for no charge or our swatch books can be loaned to you with a secured deposit.


Colour Swatches - International Shipping

Shipping by standard USPS is sent at no charge, however, swatches sent by international couriers are charged to the client at the time of shipping.


Ordering Timeframe

Please place your order 8 weeks before the Wear Date to insure that you get into our production schedule.  Our goal is to deliver your garment at least 4 weeks prior to your wear date.  Our ordering timeframe can vary from month to month, so always contact us for more information if you are behind this schedule.


Your Couturiere & Timeframe

Our garments are hand made by a couturiere assigned to your order.  All the fabrics and trims are custom ordered and reserved for your order and completion takes on average six to eight weeks.  Please inquire if you need a dress made in a rush.


Rush Orders

Rush orders may be accommodated if our schedule allows; please inquire and we will inform you of the additional charges for rush orders.


Schedule of Production

Upon receipt of your order and payment you will be given a revised Dress Order Schedule for you to reference.  When your order is finished and ready to be shipped you will be contacted by a representative at Johanna Grace by phone or by e-mail to alert you so that you can arrange to sign for your package.



Each dress is carefully packed with tissue paper and then wrapped in plastic for protection while shipping.  Gift cards are available upon request.  Upon arrival your dress is should be taken out of the box and hung to release wrinkles.  If necessary, touch up with a steam iron on an appropriate setting for the fabric or have a professional dry cleaner steam the garment.


Shipping/United States

All packages shipped in the United States and worldwide are sent by Federal Express Priority shipping or UPS and require your signature. 



All packages shipped outside the United States are sent by Federal Express, DHL or UPS, depending on the location and best rates. 


Payment Information

MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa debit cards, personal checks, money orders, and cashiers checks are accepted.  Your card is charged at the time the custom order is placed and confirmed.


Your Credit Card Security

To protect you from fraudulent charges the following conditions will apply: all credit card purchases will be processed electronically with your credit card number, name on the card, issue date, expiration date, mailing/billing address, three or four digit code on the back of the card and a signed order form.


If you request a separate shipping address or are shipping to an address outside the United States a photo copy of the front of your credit card is required (by our credit card processing merchant) with the center 8 digits of the number removed.  To further protect you we may call the card's issuing bank to make sure that you are indeed the person ordering the dress.


Transaction Security

All shipping and client information is kept confidential and not held in an on-line database.  We do not sell or disclose cardholder's account numbers, personal information, or other card transaction information to third parties.  Faxed or e-mailed orders are received through a secure, firewall protected server.  Once your order is completed your credit card information is shredded.


Transactions Sent By E-mail

Johanna Grace has a secure Hushmail account for credit card information sent over the Internet if you prefer not to fax your order.  You can open a free account by going to their website - www.hushmail.com so that you can send your secure payment.



Your order is inspected and meticulously packed by our shipping specialists, which is then photographed as a quality assurance method to ensure that the package arrives in the condition it was sent.


Refund Policy

All garments are custom-made to your exact specifications and instructions and are




All our garments are “dry clean only” and should be cleaned by a reputable dry cleaner.  For best results, all passamentarie decoration that is pinned or hand sewn on the dress should be removed prior to cleaning and can be stitched back on by a skilled tailor.



Any order that has been processed and is cancelled prior to being sent to production forfeits 50% of the order. 




Any claims must be made within 2 days of receipt of your garment.


To view and print the complete packet of ordering forms and the measurement chart, click here You must have an Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this file.  If you do not have Adobe Reader and you can not download or read the form in this format, please contact us and we can mail or fax them to you.

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