, provides dedicated resources, education, and encouragement for older people with cancer and their caregivers.
  • Diagnosing and Treating Cancer During COVID-19 in Brazil: Câncer Não Faz Quarentena is a program specifically designed to generate awareness of the importance of seeking professional medical advice during the COVID-19 pandemic to avoid disruptions in treatment.
  • Sharing Stories (and Support) in Finland:  features resources for several diseases, with a new section on breast cancer that provides information and stories of women who are living with the disease.
  • Raising Awareness of Advanced Breast Cancer in Japan: A metastatic breast cancer (mBC) awareness resource, , provides a variety of tools and practical, useful information to help people living with breast cancer manage their disease, such as easing financial burden and improving communication with their doctors.
  • Educating About Treatment Options in Germany:  provides information on available treatment options to ensure that people living with mBC feel empowered to have conversations with their doctors.
  • Improving Access to Medications in the U.K.: To prompt an urgent conversation among policymakers and external stakeholders, the Making Every Woman Count report aims to improve the care options for people living with mBC.
  • Empowering Patient and Physician Conversations in the U.S.:  helps to empower people living with mBC to take an active role in making a shared decision with their doctor about their treatment plan through resources such as the .
  • cancer doesn’t discriminate, and neither should cancer care. at pfizer, we’re committed to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their age, race, or where they live, has access to these resources.

    every person can make a difference. help us change the course and outcome for those living with breast cancer. get educated, show your support, and be a part of our movement.

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